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Vegetative and minimally conscious states: Creating a web resource for families of severely brain injured patients

Award Holder: Professor Jenny Kitzinger in collaboration with Dr Sue Ziebland (Oxford University) and Prof Celia Kitzinger (University of York)

Award Date: February 2013

Funder: ESRC Knowledge Exchange Award, and DIPEx charity

This project involved in-depth, filmed, interviews with people who had a relative in a  ‘vegetative’ or ‘minimally conscious’ state. The research was used to create a new multi-media resource designed to support families confronting catastrophic brain injury, provide training materials for clinicians, and inform policy discussions.

Visit the multi-media site created from the research.

You can download a full report of all publications and activities from the project.

This work is part of a broader portfolio of work addressing serious brain injury conducted by the Cardiff-York Chronic Disorders of Consciousness Research Centre.