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Race, Representation and Cultural Politics

Migration, Asylum and Refugee

The Migration, Asylum Seekers and Refugee Group’s work on asylum has been closely linked to and has benefited from a range of partnerships which have developed in the course of the past five years, leading to the establishment of a Centre for Migration, Asylum and Refugee Studies, with a range of academic partners in the UK and Australia. Please contact Professor Terry Threadgold for further information.

Media Working Group

The School houses the Refugee Media Group in Wales. This group was set up in early 2000 with membership from Oxfam Cymru, the Welsh Refugee Council, Saint Barnardo’s, Save the Children Fund, Presswise Trust, National Union of Journalists, Cardiff, Newport and Swansea Councils, Media Resource Wales, Displaced People in Action, Swansea Bay Refugees and Asylum Seekers Network, similar groups in Cardiff and Wrexham, and an all Wales local Council affiliation.

The initial brief of the group was to provide support for the Welsh Refugee Council and Oxfam in their dealings with the press on asylum and refugee issues. Oxfam funded a press officer position, filled by Tammy Speers, to work in the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies under Prof.Threadgold’s management. Tammy held this position for six months, during which time she and other members of the group worked with journalists, councils and Oxfam to lobby, make press releases, pro-actively challenge media stories and generally to change the way these issues were being represented in South Wales.