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Mediatized Conflict

Major conflicts today are invariably mediatized conflicts. They not only become communicated by and represented in the media; media and communications enter into them, shaping them from the outside in, and inside out. Though fewer States are at war than in the past, many are locked in internal conflicts and internecine struggles. New wars, asymmetric wars and terror post 9/11 find prominent media exposure and cultural identities, social movements and single-issue campaigns contend and contest for public recognition.

Today it seems, everyone from eco-warriors to elected presidents look to the media to advance their strategic aims. This Group brings together over 20 researchers actively involved in the study of diverse mediatized conflicts. Current work by the group addresses, amongst others, the following themes:

  • War, Insurgency and Terrorism
  • Climate Change and Environmental Conflicts
  • The Arab Spring
  • Demonstrations, Protest and Urban Riots
  • Humanitarian NGOs and the UN’s Responsibility to Protect
  • Disasters as Mediatized Public Crises
  • Migration
  • Sexual Violence

Funded Research

Major funded research project topics include prison media coverage, embedded reporting, children's responses news and television journalism. Funding bodies include Cardiff University, British Academy and the BBC.

PhD study of media and conflict

This Research Group includes PhD students that have completed or are developing a wide range of studies on mediatized conflict including projects such as:

Previous Events

ESRC Conference - Black and Ethnic Minorities and the Media Conference - 2011). ESRC-funded seminar series ‘Widening Ethnic diversity on the News Media Workforce’ (2009-2011).


Members of the Group have produced many publications, such as Professor Simon Cottle's new Global Crises and Media book series commissioned for Peter Lang.

Links with other Research Groups

Many of our research projects involve interdisciplinary collaborations with other Schools at Cardiff and members of the Group also contribute to research within JOMEC focusing on ‘Journalism Studies’, ‘Risk, Science and Health’ and 'Race, Representation and Cultural Politics’ and ' Digital Media and Society'.

International collaboration

We also have strong links with colleagues both nationally and internationally and the School attracts Visiting Fellows from all over the world.