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Local and Regional Newspaper Reporting of General Elections

Grant Holder: Bob Franklin

Researchers: Stephen Cushion and Geoff Court

Funded by: Nuffield Foundation

This is an on-going longitudinal study (going back to 1997) which examines local press coverage of the constituency campaign during General Elections. The study employs content analysis of newspapers’ election reporting and interviews with journalists, party press officers and candidates to explore Source/Journalist relations, their implications for agenda setting, as well as changing patterns of press election coverage.

Research Outputs

“Amateurs or Adversaries? Local Journalists’ Coverage of the UK Non-General Election” with Cushion, S in Wring, D. Green, J. Mortimore, R and Atkinson, S (Eds) (2006) Political Communications: The British General Election of 2005 (2007) Hampshire: Macmillan

“Downgrading the ‘Local’ in Local Newspaper Reporting of the 2005 UK General Election” with Court, G and Cushion S in Franklin B. (Ed) Local Journalism and Local Media: Making the Local News (2006) London: Routledge

“Citizens, Readers and Local Newspapers Coverage of the 2005 UK General Election” with Cushion, S and Court, G in Javnost/The Public vol 13 no 1 pp41-60 (May 2006)

“No Bunch of Amateurs: Local press coverage of the 2005 General election” in Press Gazette 31 May 2005