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Digital Storytelling

Award Holder: Daniel Meadows

Funder: BBC

Period: March 2006 to January 2007

Digital Storytelling is a new media project. It gives people a voice, enabling them to create a short story in rich media, a kind of ‘film’ made by combining pictures from photo albums with voice-over narration. The contribution it makes to the television, radio and online offerings of traditional media is elegant and genuinely interactive, a proper form of knowledge exchange.

The brainchild of the School's lecturer Daniel Meadows, the BBC’s Digital Storytelling initiative was launched in April 2001 by Menna Richards, controller BBC Cymru Wales. Since then more than 500 people across Wales have made Digital Stories on BBC workshops. In addition a similar number have made stories in workshops run by partner organisations supported by the BBC team; and now, every day somewhere across the BBC, a Digital Story from Wales is aired. The ever-growing archive of Digital Stories has been available for viewing online on BBC's Capture Wales website since May 2002.

Working with an adaptation of a Californian model of Digital Storytelling, the Capture Wales team delivers monthly workshops over five days in village halls, miners’ institutes, colleges, IT classrooms and community centres across Wales using a portable computer lab. Daniel Meadows was the project’s creative director from 2001 until 2006 when he returned to full-time academic life.

This pioneering project has won four major awards, including a BAFTA Cymru. It has also hosted an international conference (2003) and been the subject of three PhD studies, including the work done by Jenny Kidd who benefited from a university scholarship (2002-05). As a speaker Daniel Meadows has travelled extensively – particularly in the USA and Australia – delivering workshops and master classes, seminars, lectures and keynotes in Digital Storytelling.