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Journliasm Practice

Current Issue:

December 2013 - (Vol 7 - No 6)

Editor: Professor Bob Franklin, Articles: 8

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Journalism Practice is a scholarly, international and multidisciplinary journal, published three times a year by Routledge, Taylor and Francis, which provides opportunities
for reflective, critical and research-based studies focused on the professional practice of journalism.

The emphasis on journalism practice does not imply any false or intellectually disabling disconnect between theory and practice, but simply an assertion that Journalism Practice’s primary concern will be
to analyse and explore issues of practice and professional relevance.

Journalism Practice is an intellectually rigorous journal with all contributions being refereed anonymously by acknowledged international experts in the field. An intellectually lively, but professionally experienced, Editorial Board with a wide-ranging experience of journalism practice advises and supports the Editor.

Journalism Practice’s ambitious scope includes: the history of journalism practice, the professional practice of journalism, journalism training and education, journalism practice and new technology, journalism practice and ethics, and journalism practice and policy.

Forthcoming Issue: February 2014 (Vol 8 - No 1)

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