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Reconnecting Political Disconnection

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Issue 1 – June 2012



JOMEC Journal Editorial Statement

Paul Bowman: Editorial: Reconnecting Political Disconnection

Benjamin Arditi: Insurgencies don’t have a plan – they are the plan: Political performatives and vanishing mediators in 2011

Keywords l insurgencies l programmes l politics l performatives l Arab Spring l Chile l Marshall McLuhan l Fredric Jameson

Floriana Bernardi: Open Fields. (Social) Networks, Revolutions and ‘New Real-life Cyborgs’

Keywords l postcolonialism l feminism l self-mass communication l cyber-Islam l affect l multitudes

Grant Bollmer: Demanding Connectivity: The Performance of ‘True’ Identity and the Politics of Social Media

Keywords: social media l facebook l blogging l networks l citizenship l cyberculture l transparency l performance of identity l ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’

Peter Lee-Wright: News values: an assessment of news priorities through a comparative analysis of Arab Spring anniversary coverage

Keywords: democracy l coverage l resources l editorial priorities l BBC l ITN l Sky l al-Jazeera

David Levin: The Cottage Cheese Boycott: The Conjunction between News Construction and Social Protest on Facebook

Keywords protest l social networks l news values l facebook l deliberative democracy l representation, mythology l consumer behavior

Dakin McDonald: The Politics of Indecision: George Papandreou and the Futures of Democracy

Keywords: democracy l future(s) l decision/indecision l Greek debt crisis l George Papandreou

E. San Juan, Jr: Speculative Notes by a Subaltern Amateur in Cultural Studies

Keywords: culture l imperialism l ethnic l hegemony l racism l democracy

Yan Wu: Micro-blogging as a Rapid Response News Service in Crisis Reporting: the 2011 Wenzhou Train Crash

Keywords: web 2.0 technologies l Sina Weibo l crisis reporting l Wenzhou train crash

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