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Centre for Interdisciplinary Film & Visual Culture Research (IFVCR)

The premise of the Centre is that our shared object of attention, film and/or visual culture, is not and can never be ‘one thing’, so no one approach or style of scholarship has the monopoly on film and visual culture research. Rather, film and visual culture always has a diverse (and often multiple) status.

Research into these areas will always take place diversely, in terms of different positions and concerns, within different disciplines and specific projects, at different times, for myriad reasons.

So the Centre does not privilege any one school or style or approach to film and visual culture, or any one type of scholarship. Instead, it seeks to expose the many different disciplinary styles of engagement to each other, in order to generate debate, explore dissensus, and cross-fertilize research across disciplinary divides, methodological differences, and to connect people working in all areas of production, dissemination, circulation, distribution, consumption, analysis, exploration, experimentation and innovation.

The Centre does not aspire to foster unity, to establish a party line, or to aim for unity. It embraces the generative tension involved in exposing even putatively incompatible approaches to each other. The Centre always seeks to explore both shared interests and differences between activities and approaches to film, in order to draw the rich diversity of approaches to film and visual culture research at Cardiff University into visibility.

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Film and Visual Culture Research (IFVCR) seeks to raise awareness, stimulate debate, generate relationships, ties, activities and events, to facilitate cross-School interdisciplinary networks and collaborations, and to promote all forms of film and visual culture research at Cardiff University and beyond.

The Centre's co-directors are Paul Bowman, Janet Harris and Hiu M. Chan.