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The School is home to five archives:

  • First Edition: An archive of children's news programming.
  • Osman Collection: A significant collection of twentieth-century photojournalism.
  • Cudlipp Collection: Letters and documents concerning Hugh Cudlipp's early journalistic career in Cardiff and his rise to editorial prominence in Fleet Street.
  • The Richard Stott Daily Mirror Papers: The archive contains information in relation to the Daily Mirror, personal letters, photographs, and unpublished work.
  • The Victor Davis Journalism Archive: The archive records, on a substantial number of cassette tapes, Victor’s interviews with major film and television celebrities from Britain and America between 1967 and 1994. His spiral bound notebook catalogues an alphabetical listing of interviews with dates and places.
  • The Great Journalists Archive: The archive hosts a selection of interviews conducted by Master’s students, enrolled on the ‘Great Journalists’ module, where each student selected an outstanding journalist from their own country, to interview about her/his own professional journalism work.