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Shaun McCarthy returns to troubleshoot problem punctuation

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shaun McCarthy has returned to Cardiff for his second year as the school’s resident Royal Literary Fund Fellow.

Shaun’s role provides one to one, confidential tutorials to JOMEC students who have questions about the structure of their essays, reports and research.

Whether it’s progression of argument, style, grammar, syntax or punctuation, Shaun is able to provide advice and guidance to develop an effective writing style and remedy causes of concern.

Last year Shaun tackled research issues where students had so many articles, chapters and on-line references they didn’t know how to begin to organise them to start writing. The solution was to find an order and structure to identify what was crucial and what could be put aside.

Equally problems such as understanding exactly what a question is actually asking and correctly referencing quotations and extracts can be tackled in the 45 minute sessions.

Shaun is available every Wednesday and Thursday in room 0.58. Students must by sign-up to reserve a time slot using the schedule on the outside of room 0.58.

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