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Revisit Carl Bernstein’s Guest Lecture - “Good journalism is the best obtainable version of the truth"

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Earlier this year the American journalist Carl Bernstein took some time on his way to the Hay Festival to visit JOMEC and give a guest lecture to the school.

Now that the year is coming to an end, here is a chance to revisit (or see for the first time) the Guest lecture that Honorary Professor Carl Bernstein gave to Cardiff University’s students during his visit in May, 2013.

Professor Bernstein began by telling the audience how he started in journalism at The Washington Star and followed on to address the Watergate process, which in the 1970s led to the resignation of the President Richard Nixon.

Themes like investigative journalism and the contemporary struggles of journalists were threads of conversation, while Professor Bernstein also addressed the current state of investigative journalism and institutional support in America.

Following a recurring e-mail question posted by a group of students that couldn't be present, Professor Bernstein then talked about the dangers of journalism practice in undeveloped countries.

In the Question and Answer session that followed his introductory talk, Professor Bernstein was then asked about Wikileaks and Journalistic Freedom, about which he said that "Wikileaks needs some sub-editors".

After the last question, Professor Bernstein addressed the phone hacking scandal and stressed the need of Britain's press regulation to use the laws available.

On a final note, Professor Bernstein underlined the importance of being respectful in the daily practice of journalism.

"I think most of people want to tell the truth, but they don't feel like they get a fair shake out of us telling it. That is our big task," Professor Bernstein finished, before thanking all the present students.

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