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Disasters and the Media - how the global news media make disasters culturally mean and politically matter

Friday, May 04, 2012

Disasters and Media book cover

The Global Crisis and Media Series - Disaster and the Media cover

Disasters and the Media is the sixth book to be published in the Global Crises and the Media Series published by Peter Lang.

Its authors Professor Mervi Pantti (University of Helsinki) and Cardiff’s Dr Karin Wahl-Jorgensen and series editor Professor Simon Cottle set about addressing disasters in a globalised world, which are becoming not only more frequent but, often, more catastrophic.

This book offers unique insights into how news media today make disasters culturally mean and politically matter, drawing on cutting-edge theoretical work and recent examples.

It looks at how globalisation is affecting the meanings of disaster, but also considers the continued relevance of nations and their citizens as interpretive frameworks.

Global Crises and the Media Series
  • Disasters and the Media, Mervi Pantti, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen and Simon Cottle, 2012.
  • Migrations and the Media, Eds, Kerry Moore, Bernhard Gross and Terry Threadgold, 2012
  • Transnational Protests and the Media, Eds, Simon Cottle and Libby Lester, 2011
  • Climate Change and the Media, Eds Tammy Boyce and Justin Lewis, 2009
  • Terror Post-9/11 and the Media, David Altheide, 2009
  • Citizen Journalism: Global Perspectives, Eds, Stuart Allan and Einar Thorsen, 2009

It examines how journalists witnessing of disasters is changing in response to new technologies, including social media, and how the ideal of objectivity might be challenged by new, more emotional and more compassionate forms of story-telling premised on an “injunction to care.”

In describing the book Dr Karin Wahl-Jorgensen said "We hope that our new book will contribute to thinking about disasters and the ways they're covered in the media, by raising questions about how such devastating events matter to the world, politically and culturally.

"Our book looks at how the communication of disasters is shaped by forces including globalisation and technological change.

"We were also interested in examining how the mediation of disaster reflects shifts in understandings of citizenship, and how journalists and those affected by disaster talk about their feelings and raise political questions in the process."

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