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Julia Attipoe

Julia Attipoe

What was the best thing about your course?

The best thing about this course is definitely the variety of module choices
that we are given. The core modules are really interesting and the optional modules available are even better.

Therefore, you are never really stuck when it comes to picking the modules
that suits you because there is something for everyone.

Why did you choose to study at Cardiff University?

There were two main reasons I choose to study at Cardiff. First was because
of the reputation of the university and the esteem with which people spoke about Cardiff University.

Secondly, the credibility of having a journalism qualification from a school such as JOMEC was also why I made my choice to come to Cardiff University. So many people spoke well of both Cardiff University and the undergraduate journalism degree, when i was applying here.

Describe the Cardiff social life?

There is so much to do in Cardiff. The night life is great and the cost of having fun is so affordable.

Why would you recommend Cardiff to potential students?

I would definitely recommend Cardiff to potential students. I have already spoken to some people that where considering doing journalism after college, and I really encouraged them to serious consider coming to Cardiff University to study.

I know how I have grown as a result of coming here and I definitely would recommend Cardiff University and JOMEC to anyone who was considering going into higher education.

Finally, describe your Cardiff experience in one sentence!

My Cardiff experience has been great and I have really grown as a result.