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Amber Grace Dite

Amber Grace Dite

What was the best thing about your course?

I really enjoyed the BA Journalism, Film and Media course because it has always offered a great selection of modules. Overall I have gained a thorough understanding of the news media industry and most of the lectures were clear, well structured and interesting.

Why did you choose to study at Cardiff University?

Cardiff University has a very high reputation, especially in the field of Journalism, so this definitely impacted my decision three years ago. I also attended the open day and I was blown away by the enthusiasm that the students had for Cardiff! The course really appealed to me and the city seemed lovely, so it just felt like the right choice.

Describe the Cardiff social life?

I have had an amazing time studying here, but a giant part of this was down to the people I’ve met. When you go into halls you have to make friends fast and the course also throws you in at the deep end. However you soon find your close-knit circle of friends, and you always bump into people on the street. So there’s a wonderful sense of community here and the night life is incredible. Look out for the free entry tickets in Fresher’s week!

Why would you recommend Cardiff to potential students?

It’s the perfect place to study.

Finally, describe your Cardiff experience in one sentence!

My University experience has been packed full of hilarious moments, but overall I have been enlightened by academics, humiliated by housemates, and sculpted by Cardiff.