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Our graduates must meet the needs of knowledge-based, global, entrepreneurial and innovation-driven economies and be equipped with the skills and confidence to lead. In JOMEC, we strive to add value in terms of graduate employability.

At Undergraduate level, students have the opportunity to develop academic, professional and digital literacies that are invaluable in the workplace. They will undertake group projects and presentations, gain an understanding of policy and the law, be creative in planning for research assignments, and attend away days and career days that allow them opportunities for personal development. They also have the chance to access the University’s Innovation and Enterprise Services and to work in teams to develop entrepreneurial skills.

On a practical level, students will produce portfolios (including digital portfolios), practice journalistic writing skills across a number of platforms including broadcast, print and magazines, pitch ideas for new editorial products and businesses, and use a variety of software to produce graphic outputs, blogs, apps, and social media campaigns. They will also become very familiar with the University’s online learning environment. Over the course of their study they will have the chance to meet industry experts and high profile guest speakers, and will be taught by an interdisciplinary team of world-renowned scholars in the field of journalism, media and communications.

We educate students for global citizenship, rights and responsibilities, offering them opportunities to study abroad. The International dimension is integrated in our curricula at every available opportunity, producing graduates who are able to succeed in an internationally competitive environment. Concurrently, there is an emphasis on enhancing the student experience of Wales and preparing students to contribute to the social and economic well-being of the Country. Students have the opportunity to study the Welsh language, and if they are already Welsh speakers, to attend seminars on core modules held in Welsh. Students study and work in multinational teams, and make International contacts which will serve them their whole professional lives.