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MA Journalism, Media and Communications

MA Journalism, Media and Communications
Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies is at the forefront of exciting new developments in journalism, media and communications.

The MA in Journalism, Media and Communications is the longest established of Cardiff’s MA programmes. It allows students to explore the pressing issues of our media environment – from journalism ethics to internet governance, from community media to global communications, and from crisis reporting to the transformative potential of new technologies. It provides advanced knowledge and a thorough understanding of the role of information and communication in contemporary societies, with a focus on both traditional and new forms of journalism.

The programme has an international approach and attracts students from around the globe. It draws on the strength and diversity of Cardiff’s staff, giving students a unique opportunity to work with academics whose research is at the cutting edge of exploring how media are changing in a dynamic global communications environment characterised by technological, political, social, economic and cultural upheaval.

The MA equips students with research skills in areas such as content analysis, interviews, surveys, and digital methods, and it allows them to develop their own scholarship. It does not provide practical training in journalism or a professional qualification towards becoming a journalist. Rather, it offers a broad understanding of the field that prepares students for careers in academia, and for employment in a range of businesses, non-profits and institutions, as well as in journalism.

Further course information

For further information regarding course content please contact the Course Director, Dr Lina Dencik. For general admissions enquiries please email

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Cardiff University Masters Excellence Scheme

This course is included in the Masters Excellence Scholarship 2015 (Pathway to PhD) scheme. If you are looking at applying for a Masters degree with the intention of going on to study at PhD level then you are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The application will ask you to consider your research area and future sources of funding. It is recognised, however, that in making this application there is not a commitment to undertake further study, or to undertake further studies at Cardiff University. Similarly, in making an award, Cardiff University is not committing to making an offer for further study or for a further award.