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Newspaper Journalism is accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists

Newspaper Journalism

Newspaper Journalism

Capital city stories

You will undertake all the main digital newsroom tasks, tackling real stories in the heart of a busy capital city. Each member of the course is assigned a political ward as his/her news 'patch' and is expected to produce regular stories from the area during the year. You undertake active Easter attachments on national and regional newspapers, testing your newly-acquired skills in the real world.

Newspaper Training

The course concentrates on the fundamental skills of journalism:

  • How to obtain the facts through interview skills
  • How to present the story through writing skills
  • How to project the news through an appreciation of news values

Sub-editing, layout and design

You are also taught sub-editing, layout and design skills in page make-up using the most up-to-date Quark publishing technology. In the second term, you operate bi-weekly production days, creating your own full colour newspaper and online digital equivalent. You must master TeeLine shorthand during the course.

Guest Lecturers

Our guest lectures, many of whom are former students and now famous journalists in their own right, regularly come to Cardiff to share their experiences.

Further information

For further information regarding course content please contact Course Director - David English or for general enquiries contact MA Administrator Huw Thomas.

Applications are being accepted and considered. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview from April 2015 onwards.

Students should apply for their course using the Online Application Service.