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Magazine Journalism is accredited by the Professional Publishers Association

Magazine - Aims

When you finish studying Magazine Journalism at Cardiff you will feel prepared to meet any challenge your first job on a magazine throws at you. Print, online, digital, apps, social media – you will know how to handle the multimedia platforms a modern magazine uses.

You will be prepared to sit in your first editorial conference and know what is expected of you and how to pitch your ideas clearly and confidently.

You will gain a set of knowledge and skills that will not only enable you to compete effectively for any entry-level job in magazine journalism but also set you up for a rapid career trajectory. And graduates of the MA and DIploma in Magazine Journalism at Cardiff have an excellent track record when it comes to getting jobs.

Our aims are:

  • To develop the necessary intellectual integrity, critical independence and journalistic skills a student will need to function effectively as a magazine journalist.
  • To develop the specific skills needed for employment across a range of magazine journalism jobs and genres.
  • To encourage fresh and creative approaches to the choice and treatment of stories.
  • To develop team-working and editorial/managerial leadership skills.
  • To encourage an intellectually critical approach to magazine journalism and other journalistic and academic texts.
  • To ensure students apply their background legal, ethical and political knowledge effectively.
  • To encourage students to engage with current issues and debates within the magazine industry specifically and the media sphere more generally.
  • To encourage students to be self-critical and aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.