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MA Digital Media and Society

MA Digital Media and Society - Smart Phone on Street
The MA Digital Media and Society explores the role of new digital media in shaping and transforming society. It investigates how media audiences become producers, how citizen journalism and digital culture change established norms and practices, how social media and peer production affect politics and business, and how technology is related to power and social change.
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The digitization of media and the emergence of new digital communication platforms have had significant impacts on our communication practices, our place and activities in a mediatized environment, and thus our role as citizens.

They have disrupted established business models, and power relations, and have facilitated the emergence of new media practices.

Audiences are challenging the roles of traditional information brokers; ‘Twitter revolutions’ and online activism affect political change; values of openness and sharing infuse knowledge production; and interaction and participation become the norm (and their management a key skill). At the same time, new commercial empires are emerging, monitoring and surveillance by both businesses and governments are expanding, and content is increasingly filtered and controlled. 

This course offers a thorough understanding of these current transformations and equips students with the analytical skills to investigate digital media in the context of social, political and economic change.

It provides a solid grounding in the concepts, theories and research methods of media and communication studies, as well as opportunities to specialise in various areas of digtal communication.

Further, students can develop their own research project as part of their dissertation.

The MA draws on the strength and diversity of Cardiff’s staff, giving students a unique opportunity to work with academics whose research is at the cutting edge of exploring how media are changing in a dynamic global communications environment.

The degree will engage with the School's new research group 'Digital Media and Society' and its 'Centre for Community Journalism'.

Further course information

For further information regarding course content please contact Course Director - Dr Arne Hintz or for general enquiries contact MA Administrator Huw Thomas.

Students should apply for their course using the Online Application Service.