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Broadcast Journalism is accredited by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council

Broadcast - Aims

The aim of Broadcast Journalism degree is to impart a set of knowledge and skills that should enable any graduate of the course to compete effectively for any recognised entry-level job in broadcast journalism.

We further aim to give our students such experience as is appropriate of the more ‘senior’ editorial, management, and leadership skills that will equip them, if they have the talent, to pursue successful long-term careers within the industry.

  • To develop the necessary intellectual integrity, critical independence and journalistic skills a student will need to function effectively as a broadcast journalist
  • To encourage a critical approach to broadcast news outputs and other journalistic and academic texts
  • To give a student the specific skills needed for employment across a range of broadcast journalism jobs
  • To develop appropriate team-working and editorial/managerial leadership skills
  • To encourage fresh and creative approaches to the choice and treatment of stories consistent with editorial objectives
  • To ensure students apply their background legal, ethical etc. knowledge effectively
  • To encourage students to engage with current issues and debates within the industry
  • To encourage students to be self-critical and aware of their own strengths and weaknesses