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Shaun McCarthy

Mr Shaun McCarthy

BA (London), MA (Exeter), PGCE (Exeter)

Position: Royal Literary Fund Fellow


Telephone: +44(0)29 208 76282

Location: Room 0.58, Bute - Wednesdays and Thursdays only


Shaun McCarthy is a playwright for stage and radio, a poet and educational resources writer. He will be conducting tutorials in Bute Building room 0.58 on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

He will be available to look at examples of any student’s work, pointing out areas where improvements could be made and exploring these cooperatively with the student. The Royal Literary Fund Fellowships were established to improve the standard of English in universities. Fellows work one-to-one with staff and students.

Shaun has taught various courses in writing for performance at Oxford and Bristol universities and has various other educational commissions as a visiting writer to schools and colleges in the UK and Europe.

Using the service

Students are requested to submit pieces of work by email before the tutorial.

At the tutorial, Shaun and his visitor will scrutinise structure, progression of argument, research, style, tone and register as well as grammar, syntax and punctuation.

Between them they will find ways to improve these where possible, polish them where necessary, and praise them where desirable. The object is to make it easy for the writer to communicate with his or her readers in a lucid style in which complexity is never swamped by complication.

Tutorials will last up to forty-five minutes, and should be booked in advance using the form outside the door of Room 0.58. Students are welcome to return for as many sessions as both parties consider useful.

What the Royal Literary Fellow does not offer

This is not a proofreading service or a rewrite office. Nor is it an ESL service – though students for whom English is a second language may find it useful in addressing style, register, structure, organization and the management of research. If in doubt, make an appointment, and we will see if we can help.

The terms of the Fellowship specifically bar Fellows from offering analysis of creative writing. Our remit is to assist with academic writing only.

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Where to find Shaun McCarthy

After entering Bute Building via the main entrance, turn right and proceed down the stairs. Follow the corridor to the left and take the first left doorway shown below, you will see a stair - Shaun's office is at the top.

Where to find Shaun McCarthy

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