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Sharon Magill

Ms Sharon Magill

Position: Technical Demonstrator


Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 70678

Location: Room 0.55, Bute Building



Sharon assists with the delivery of many postgraduate diploma and MA courses, including the Broadcast TV and Radio, Documentary, Newspaper and Magazine courses, by providing practical classroom teaching and workshop support. She provides demonstrations, instructional manuals and other teaching aids for students and staff.

Sharon teaches Digital Storytelling as an optional module in the spring semester. She also teaches a computer literacy course, MA IT Skills, for all MA students in the autumn semester and can provide extra tuition as required.

Sharon is currently studying a Postgraduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning. She also carries out projects in order to continually improve the systems that run within the School, most recently implementing the GoMobile platform for publishing to mobile devices.

Sharon has a degree in Fine Arts from the University Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) specialising in photography. Her interests include photography, storytelling, video, audio, classroom technology and e-learning.

Sharon writes for a number of blogs

How do I…? I can do -
A learning, teaching and technology blog with user guides, information, tips and reflections.

Shazography -
A personal blog showcasing her own art practice

Core Responsibilities

  • • To assist with the delivery of courses by providing teaching, tutorial and workshop support
  • To provide demonstrations and other teaching aids for students on courses
  • To demonstrate the School's computer hardware and software systems to both staff and students
  • To assist, advise and demonstrate to students in the practical elements of their projects and assignments ensuring awareness of the course content and marking criteria in order to assist students
  • To deliver basic computer classes on all programmes
  • To write and update instruction manuals on the use of equipment and software used by staff and students