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Professor Jenny Kitzinger

Professor Jenny Kitzinger

BA (Cambridge), PhD (Glasgow)

Position: Director of Research


Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 74571

Location: Room 0.55A, Bute Building

Other health (non-media related) publications

'The wealthy get healthy, the poor get poorly? Lay perceptions of health inequalities', Social Science and Medicine (2006) (co-author).

'Great expectations: a prospective study of women’s expectations and experiences of childbirth', Hochland & Hochland press (1998) (co-author).

‘Unconventional Conceptions and HIV’, AIDS Care (1995) 7(3):261-276 (co-author).

‘Mothers' perceptions of their 6-week-old-babies: Relationships with antenatal intrapartum and postnatal factors’, The Journal of Psychology (1991) 12(2)133-144 (co-author).

‘Strategies of the early childbirth movement: A case study of the National Childbirth Trust’. In J Garcia, R Kilpatrick & M Richards (Eds.) The Politics of Maternity Care pp 92-115. Oxford: Oxford University Press (1990).

‘Labour relations: Midwives and doctors on the ward’. In J Garcia R Kilpatrick & M Richards (Eds.) The Politics of Maternity Care (1990) pp.149-162 Oxford, Oxford University Press (co-author).

‘Expectations, experiences and psychological outcomes of childbirth, Birth (1990) 17(1) pp.15-24 (co-author).

‘Stereotypes of childbearing women: A look at some evidence’, Midwifery 6 (1990) pp.125-132 (co-author).

‘Observations on obstetric staffing: The myth of the three tier norm’, Obstetrics and Gynaecology (1989) 9:289-292 (co-author).

‘Obstetricians on the Labour Ward: implications of staffing structures’, British Medical Journal (1987) 295:1077-79 (co-author).


Other publications by Jenny Kitzinger:

Risk, Science, Health and Media and Audience Understandings

Sex, Violence & Abuse & Media Representation/Audience

Media power/audience reception overviews

Focus Group Research