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Dr Paul Bowman

Dr Paul Bowman

Position: Reader
Director of Postgraduate Research
Director of the Race, Representation and Cultural Politics Research Group
Director of Editors: Cardiff University Press
Editor of JOMEC Journal
Editor: Martial Arts Studies
Co-Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Film & Visual Culture Research


Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 76797

Location: Room 1.23, Bute Building


Paul Bowman studied at Leeds University, before working as a Lecturer in Cultural Studies at Bath Spa University and then Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies at Roehampton University, London.

He came to Cardiff University in 2008. He is an External Examiner at PhD level, MA level and BA level, internationally. He also acts as a Reviewer for various research councils, including the AHRC, the ESRC, and the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong. He is on the editorial board of a range of academic journals.

As well as teaching at BA level and supervising PhDs, Paul also delivers PhD research training in cultural studies and cultural theory for Cardiff University Graduate College, of which he is a board member.

A lifelong love of martial arts precipitated his interest in postcolonial studies, and directly informed his understanding of the power of film and media in our everyday lives. He has tried his hand at a very wide range of martial arts, spent a fair amount of time studying, first, Shotokan karate, then taekwondo, and then kickboxing, followed by T’ai Chi Ch’üan [Taijiquan] and Choy Lee Fut kung fu. He has some experience of Aikido, MMA, Keysi Fighting Method, Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun, is a qualified instructor of T’ai Chi Ch’üan and Choy Lee Fut, and is currently learning escrima. He knows that this may sound impressive to the lay reader, but he still feels like he knows very little, almost nothing. Nevertheless, he is frequently called upon by national and international news and media institutions to comment on matters relating to Bruce Lee, martial arts, film and culture.