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Xin Zhang

Xin Zhang

BA (Zhejiang University of Media and Communication), MA
(Coventry University)

Position: PhD Student

Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75688

Location: Room 1.24, Bute Building

PhD Research

The conflicting identity of ethnic minorities within Chinese in the context of UK’s Multiculturalism, in particular to their political needs.

This research project is going to explore the identity ambivalence of Chinese migrants in the UK. What distinguishes this marginalized minority from the locals in the UK? This thesis will aim to identify the impact of culture differences between the Western culture and Metropolitan culture.

Furthermore, it will also analysis the political needs of ethnic minorities in a multicultural society, in particular the Chinese migrants society. Ultimately, it will seek to promote the multiple cultures in the policy of Multiculturalism with the concepts assimilationism and social integration in the context of UK’s Chinese Group.

The following aims of this research project is to explore the situation of minorities in UK’s multicultural society; moreover, outline the significance if the minorities obtain their political needs; and illustrate the influences and aftermath of minorities securing their political needs in UK’s multicultural society.