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Aulia Wimboyono

Position: PhD Student


Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75688

Location: Room 1.24, Bute Building

PhD Research

Being Muslim The Indonesian Way : The Construction and Representation of Femininity in Social Media

My research explores the way in which Muslim women in Indonesia generate social media as a way to represent their femininity as well as the way in which femininity is being constructed within their engagement of community. Drawing from femininity as socially constructed, I will conduct in-depth interviews with the members of ‘Hijabers Community’, a fast growing fashion addict Muslim women community in Indonesia as well as group discussions and textual analysis on some of their videos in Video blogging sites such as YouTube

Supervisor: Dr. Cynthia Carter

Research Interests

  • Media and Gender
  • Women and Religion
  • Feminist Media Studies
  • Women, Technology and The Media¬†


BA and MA in Media and Communication Studies (Airlangga University, East Java, Indonesia).

Lecturer at Communication Department University of National Development-East Java, Indonesia.