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Max Pettigrew

Max Pettigrew

BA (Southampton), MA (London), PhD (Cardiff)

Position: PhD Student


Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75688

Location: Room 1.24, Bute Building

Max was approved for the award of PhD in 2012

PhD Research

The Oxygen of Publicity and the Suffocation of Censorship: British newspaper representations of the broadcasting ban (1988-1994)

This research analyses British newspaper representations of the broadcasting ban during the periods the British government introduced and lifted it in 1988 and 1994. The role of journalists in the propaganda war during the Northern Ireland conflict is scrutinised to discover the extent to which media workers in the British print media supported and resisted British government direct censorship against the British broadcast media.

An important conclusion of this thesis is that British journalists largely perpetuated discourses supporting the broadcasting ban. However, this is explained by the allegiances of newspaper owners and editors with the Conservative Party, the generic conventions of newspapers and articles, the reliance of journalists on elite sources, the weakness of media workers after Wapping and the decades of pressure on media workers to report the Northern Ireland conflict in line with the British government perspective, rather than because journalists embraced British government censorship of the British mass media.

Supervisors: Professor Simon Cottle and Dr Paul Mason


BA Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies

Lecturer on the Cultural Agency: Theory and Practice module [Spring 2012]. This module is co-ordinated by Dr Paul Bowman.

Guest Lecturer on the following modules:

  • Race, Nation and Identity in the Media – Dr Kerry Moore [Autumn 2009]
  • Representations – Dr Paul Mason [Spring 2009]
  • Youth and Media – Dr Stephen Cushion [Spring 2009]
  • Language, Media and Manipulation – Dr David Machin [Spring 2009]

Seminar Teacher and Tutor on the following modules:

  • History of Mass Communication – Professor Justin Lewis [2006-2009]
  • Representations – Dr Paul Mason [2006-2010]
  • Media Scholarship – Dr Tamara Witschge [2009-2010]