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Hyunju Lee

Hyunju Lee

Position: PhD Student


Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75688

Location: Room 1.24, Bute Building

PhD Research

News and power: An analysis of ‘media reform’ discourse in newspaper reports and presidential speeches in South Korea 2003-7

The research examines the way in which the existing power relations are represented and constituted in news reports. The case study covers media reform debate in South Korea 2003-7 when the media reform issue resulted in massive controversies among political forces. Newspaper was the main subject of the media reform issue, and thereby the research examines three national newspapers. The case is expected to be a yardstick to depict the map of existing power blocs, and see how the power structure is represented and constructed in news reports and how it relates to the concept of ‘participatory democracy’.