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Jonathan Cable

Jonathan Cable

Position: PhD Student


Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75688

Location: Room 1.24, Bute Building

Jonathan was approved for the award of PhD in 2012

PhD Research

Protest in Action: An Examination of the Production, Media Representation and Reflexivity of Protest Group Communications Strategies and Protest Tactics.

My research is principally about the relationship between political opportunities, the protest tactics and communication strategies of protest groups, and the media coverage of political grievance. It is how these different elements influence the relative success and failure of protest campaigns in achieving their political goals that is of particular interest.

For this reason it is focused on three main areas. The first is concerned with the protesters messages and their transition from protester communications into media coverage and political debates. The second is the affect that the tactical repertoires and communications strategies employed have on the dissemination of campaign messages. In particular the extent to which issues and the reasons for a protest are explained in media and into political debates. Finally, the interaction between the protest groups, their political targets and the media and its influence on the acceptance or rejection of a protest group.

In order to do this, this thesis will examine newspaper coverage of three different campaigns, the websites and related social media pages of each protest group, and the documents and official transcripts of debates from within political institutions. As well as conducting interviews with members and participants of each campaign.

Case studies:
  • Save the Vulcan: A local Cardiff campaign to save an old Victorian pub from demolition
  • Plane Stupid: A UK wide campaign primarily against airport expansion and aviation
  • G20 Meltdown: Part of the series of international protests at international summits around the world. Covering issues such as war, climate change, capitalism and land enclosures and national borders

Social movements, protest, political opportunity structures, resource mobilisation, contentious politics.

Supervisor: Professor Simon Cottle


BA Modules

Autumn 2007: Understanding Journalism. Module Coordinator Prof. Bob Franklin
Spring 2008: Media and the Public Sphere. Module Coordinators Cynthia Carter and Kerry Moore

Autumn 2008/09/10: History of Mass Communications. Module Coordinator Prof Justin Lewis
Spring 2009/10/11: Understanding Journalism. Module Coordinator Prof. Bob Franklin

MA Module

Spring 2009: Political Communication. Module Coordinator Prof. Bob Franklin

Research Interests

Book Review Editor for Journalism Practice