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Helga Olafs

Helga Ólafs

Position: Visiting PhD Student

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Helga Ólafs is a visiting PhD Student at Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies from the The Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at University of Iceland.

The main purpose of her dissertation is to analyze media representations of immigrants and how the discourse reflects the image and the Icelandic national identity. The dissertation investigates continuity and change in media representations of immigrants over the course of time. The objective is to evaluate what kind of social and cultural obstacles meet immigrants in Iceland in their pursuit of successful integration.


Alternate member for NORDICOM (Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research) on behalf of Iceland from 2014-2017.

The Icelandic co-ordinator in TheoryNord (before Migra-Nord), a Nordic research network for media, migration and society, and leader of the Young Scholar Network.

Member of Diaspora, Migration and the Media section within ECREA – European Communication Research and Education Association.