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Dr Pablo López-Rabadán

Dr Pablo López-Rabadán

Position: Visiting Research Fellow (May - July 2011)

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Dr Pablo López-Rabadán is a Visiting Research Fellow at Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. Dr. López-Rabadán is visiting from the Communication Sciences Department of Universitat Jaume I (Castelló, Spain)

I am currently working in two related areas of research, namely the study of the crisis and the professional redefinition of journalism (1), and the analysis of political coverage in the press (2).

During 2011 I am carrying out research specifically related to the study of the management of specialized news sources as a significant trend that can assess the degree of renewal and credibility of political journalism today.

This research activity is integrated and funded by two national research projects in Spain led by Dr. Andreu Casero Ripollés (Universitat Jaume I): "Journalism and political sources in Spain, relations and Communicative dynamics (CSO2010-16 313 – Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)” and "The journalistic production of political information: sources, agendas and frames (P1-1B2010-53 - Bancaja - Universitat Jaume I Foundation)”.

Research Interests

My research and teaching interests cover different fields related to the specialized journalism: crisis and new professional models for press, analysis of political coverage (sources, agenda and frames), political communication, study of professional methodologies, etc.

In relation to these issues, during my Academic Visit to JOMEC I will attend and present papers in the conferences Mapping the Magazines III and Future of Journalism 2011.


I am a member of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR), the Spanish Association of Political Communication (ACOP), the Spanish Society of Journalism (SEP), as well as of the Spanish Association of Communication Research (AE-IC). Furthermore I am member of the research group “Journalism, Communication and Power” at the Universitat Jaume I (Castelló, Spain).


All available through this link: Pablo López-Rabadán publications