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The Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies is a thoroughly modern centre for teaching and research. Every one of the many computers in
the building is networked, with access to suites of software which range from the usual Office package to Photoshop or Dreamweaver for creatives and SPSS for statisticians. Every student is given an email account and personal server space
in which to archive work.

Most of the computer rooms are open access, available to any student at the School, and some are specially kitted out – CoolEditPro for the broadcasters, QuarkXPress on Apple Macs and InDesign on PCs for print journalists.

Students also have access to a wide range of ancillary equipment – recorders, digital cameras and digital video cameras can all be booked out for free. Professional quality video and sound equipment is available for Broadcast students.

In addition to all this there is the superb Library, with its ever-increasing number of books and journals, CD-Roms and access to professional-level online databases such as Nexis and Web of Science.