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Centre for Community Journalism

Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies has developed and launched the Centre for Community Journalism. It is a unique fusion of research and practice committed to developing a strong network of hyperlocal and community journalism in Wales.

Its aim is to build on new hyperlocal forms of digital journalism and to help create new, sustainable models of local news. The Centre’s focus is at the local level, the place where journalism is most valued – but most at risk.

As a school recognised for its excellence in both journalism training and research, our commitment, in this endeavour, is to promote good journalism. We invite others to work with us to make local journalism in Wales a success story that will inspire the rest of the UK and beyond.

The Centre or C4CJ, was established to address a number of key issues facing local journalism in the UK:

  • The rise of the internet which has hit traditional business models of print journalism hard
  • Readership and advertising revenues have been in steady decline
  • Journalists are being laid off in an effort to cut costs and in some areas newspapers have disappeared
  • The erosion of trust in journalism due to issues raised at the Leveson Inquiry into press standards

These issues are felt most acutely at the local level, where there are no economies of scale and smaller profit margins. In a country like Wales, with its high penetration of London-based news, this creates the potential for a serious democratic deficit.

The Centre has its home within JOMEC’s Bute Building and is managed and run by former BBC social media producer and trainer Emma Meese and can be found on Twitter using @C4CJ .