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2 - Pre-Advertising Process

As part of the online recruitment requisition process, all roles will need to be allocated a grade. This is done by the relevant HR Manager who supports your School/Directorate. This is either done before or during the process as per the school practice, please contact your relevant HR Manager who supports your School/Directorate to discuss the process used.To contact your relevant HR Manager, please use the following link:

HR Advisory Contact List (PDF)

To assist you in the writing of a job description, the University have developed a series of Generic Job Descriptions, that can be used in three differing ways;

1.    By customising the shaded sections of the job description to reflect the context of the specific job role.

2.     By changing the job description in a limited way, for example by removing some of the duties and replacing them with others of a similar level of responsibility and breadth.

3.     By using them as a guide for Schools and Professional services to develop their own individual job descriptions.

Generic Job Description Library

If you have any other recruiter questions in relation to the new e-recruitment system, please contact the HR Recruitment team on or telephone (029 208) 79777.

Template Job Description

How to write a Job Description (PDF)

How to complete a requisition (PDF)