Dr Haili Ma

Meet Dr Haili Ma, Dean of Cardiff University’s Joint College with Beijing Normal University. Find out about her work on global culture with the Welsh government, Arts Council of Wales, and what she has found most surprising about living in Cardiff.

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"Cardiff University is one of the Russell Group universities.

I think it has this very rare and great combination of research-led teaching. I have been appointed as the Dean of the Chinese College which is a joint College between BNU (Beijing Normal University) and Cardiff University. It is the world’s first joint College in that our BA students will get two degrees at the end of their four years in Chinese Studies.

I am also the Programme Director of a new MA which has been set up in Global Culture and Creativity. It’s an internship-based study and this programme is actually challenging to the staff and forces them to reconsider what is 21st century arts and culture. It is no longer a text piece. It could be a visual art, a theatre piece. It could be anything, everything, so I am quite excited about this MA.

When I first came to Cardiff, the most surprising thing was probably the size. Everything is so compressed in a buzzing way and because of the size, I’ve managed to integrate very quickly.

To be able to work and connect with the real world is so crucial to my academic research and I’m very lucky in this sense that I’m supported by the Welsh Government, the Arts Council, the University and the wider community. So it is a wonderful atmosphere. That is the most surprising thing but also the most loving thing about Cardiff I would say."