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Managing research data effectively during your project

Cardiff University's Guidance for Managing Research Records & Data includes sections on:

  • What records should be created and kept
  • Data collection and record creation
  • Data and records management during the research project
  • Data and records management on completion of the research project

You can also refer to our Electronic Data Storage advice

For guidance on naming documents and managing version control, see the Governance and Compliance guidance leaflets web page.

For guidance on information security see the Information Security Framework Programme web pages.

The University's Research, Innovation and Enterprise Services has guidance on research involving clinical trials including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Data Management.


Further resources

Research Data MANTRA:

Research Data MANTRA is a course designed for PhD students and others who are planning a research project using digital data. It includes units on organising data, documentation and metadata, and file formats and transformation


Step by step guides to help you manage and preserve your data:

Available from the UK Data Service, topics include file formats, data storage, documenting your data and metadata.


DCC (Digital Curation Centre):

The DCC has produced a series of Briefing and Legal Watch papers, that provide an introduction to RDIM topics.

A series of 'how-to' guides is also available which provide a working knowledge of RDIM topics aimed at people in research. Topics include How to Develop a Data Management and Sharing Plan (2011).


Archaeology Data Service Guides to Good Practice:

Topics include project documentation, Data Selection: Preservation Intervention Points, Project Metadata and The Project Archive: Storage and Dissemination.


Adrian Brown's Digital Preservation Guidance Note 1: Selecting File Formats for Long-Term Preservation (2008) (PDF)

Malcolm Todd's Technology Watch Report: File formats for preservation (2009) (PDF)