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Research Data and Information Management programme

This is a University-wide programme to support Researchers and the University to manage research information and data and recommend new ways of working, new structures, services, policy, training and systems.

The programme must also ensure compliance with UK Research Councils' requirements that publicly funded research data and information is made widely and freely available in a timely manner, and that this data remains accessible over time. The programme of work has been approved for progression by the University's Policy and Resources committee.

This represents a significant investment for the University – one which will return real benefits for researchers and staff, and which will enable the University's research agenda.

In June, after a thorough procurement and engagement exercise, the programme steering group selected Converis as the University's research information management system.  The programme team are beginning to implement the software with input from stakeholders across the University, and look forward to demonstrating the system in Autumn / Winter 2014.  If you would like further information about the programme or the research information management system, please contact Sarah Phillips ( or Peter Obee (, business change managers for the RDIM programme.


Deliverables  Benefits
Increased support for researchersAdditional College based support for researchers to ensure business and behavioural change and benefits realisation.
Integrated CRIS (research information management system).Helps researchers manage their projects, automates uploads to internal and external systems and web pages, saving researcher's time.
Provides evidence for performance management; brings information together to improve planning, decision making and investments in research.
Positions the University to increase research awards through sharing and developing new ideas and making it easier to find collaborators.
Publically searchable database holding information about of our research data.Makes our research discoverable. Satisfies Research Council's requirements.
Secure central storage for live research data (where there is no other provision). Up to £150k pa.Safeguards research data against potential loss. More efficient procurement and use of data storage. Allocation of 'free' amount of storage per researcher.
Secure central long term storage for archived research data (where there is no other provision). Up to £150k pa.Keeps data safe and secure for the long term, for future discoverability and use (by the researcher themselves and others). Satisfies Research Council's requirements. Maximum budget allocation, buy storage when needed.
Specialist IT support for research. (Pilot)Senior IT specialist to work with researchers, estates and other professional services to understand problems and help design solutions that meet researchers needs and fit with College and IT Service strategies and latest technologies.
Tools to collect research information from images, lab work and instruments. (Pilot)Ensures electronic capture and safe keeping of research data and information which might otherwise be lost.
On-going Support Service.Enhanced and better co-ordination of data management support for researchers delivered as close to the researcher as possible. Central or College based.
Research Data Management Policy.Demonstrates University's commitment to improving Research Data and Information Management and fulfils EPSRC requirements.


Preparing a proposal for research funding

Completing your data management plan

Managing research data effectively

Sharing your data and finding the data of others

Managing your data after your project has completed