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Welcoming new students

24 October 2012

Students using PCs in the Health Library.

Information Services has been working with colleagues throughout the University to ensure the smooth running of this year's enrolment process.

This year, 25,946 new and returning students enrolled online through the Cardiff University website.

More than 8,800 new students have been issued with their University identity cards, with the new computer system provided by Information Services processing well over 1,200 ID cards a day at the busiest times during the enrolment period.

This year's registration on the Residences' Local Area Network (ResLAN) has seen over 4,800 students take up this service, which enables students in the University's Residences to access the Internet.

Wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets are growing in popularity amongst the University community; students living in University Residences can now access the University's wireless network in their rooms and communal areas. A significant programme over the summer saw wireless access points and supporting infrastructure being installed across the University's residential estate. Over 970 Wireless Access Points were installed to bring wireless access to 5,000 rooms across 115 buildings.

Eileen Brandreth, Director of University IT, said: "This year's enrolment period has run very smoothly. We have used a new computer system to process the student ID cards, which has proven to be resilient in the face of the thousands of cards produced.

"We have seen a real explosion this year in the popularity of wireless devices amongst our new and returning students," added Eileen. "The wireless network across campus now includes University Residences (apart from student houses), answering a real need from new students for a robust wireless network in their halls."  


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