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New Status Page brings IT service information to the University

19 July 2012

Students using PCs in the Health Library.

Information Services has launched a new version of the IT services Status Page, which provides continuous 'live' service status information, allowing near instantaneous reporting of system outages likely to cause disruption to the University community.

"The new Status Page will provide the Cardiff University community with access to more accurate and timely information about the availability and status of the University IT services," said Andrew Coleman, IT Business Services Manager and Project Manager for the Status Page release. "The developments to the Status Page not only provide more information, but present this in a format that can be read and understood at a glance."

The 'live' reporting nature of the new Status Page also means that faults can be identified at a very early stage, allowing remedial action to be taken before the fault impacts users, resulting in better IT services for the University community.

Features of the updated Status Page include:

  • Any service displaying a service incident automatically rises to the top of the services list, ensuring maximum visibility of any issues.
  • The statuses of the majority of IT services are updated automatically from Information Services monitoring systems, ensuring accurate system status reporting at all times.
  • A 'scheduled maintenance' tab details both proposed and confirmed maintenance schedules, providing greater visibility and awareness of IT system changes to the University community. This greater visibility means that proposed maintenance work likely to be unacceptably disruptive to University business can be rescheduled where appropriate to do so.
  • An 'announcements' section where Information Services can publish important messages for all users.  

"Work will continue to develop this resource," continued Andrew Coleman. "The new page provides us with a good starting point, and a format which we can continue to build upon and develop in line with feedback from the University community. Ideas for future developments include implementing automatic updates (possibly RSS feeds, or using Twitter) to make the Status Page information easier for all our users to access."

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