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Library Review: Fund Raising and Collaboration

Joining forces with the British Library

A collaborative storage project with the British Library has been established, enabling shelving space to be saved in the library's remote stores. 

Some of Cardiff's rarely-used materials are now held at the British Library to be accessible to the wider research community, freeing up space in a number of sites to allow for reconfiguration of library layouts. This has enabled us to incorporate up-to-date facilities such as group study rooms along with social and collaboration space.

Books on library shelves

Joint procurement of eJournals with NHS Wales

Discussions are underway between higher education institutions and NHS Wales to find ways of jointly purchasing eJournals where possible to ensure value for money in healthcare information. JISC Collections, the national eJournal procurement agency for higher education, has agreed to act on behalf of Cardiff University and NHS Wales to negotiate with our eJournal suppliers.

Wolfson success

£268k Wolfson Foundation funding was secured for the refurbishment of Trevithick Library, and was matched by an equal contribution by the University. Meanwhile, an input of £209k for the Arts and Social Studies Library refurbishment projects was also secured.

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