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Library Review: Managing Change

Throughout the Library Review process the University Library Service is committed to ensuring that the academic Schools we serve are informed and consulted at each stage. We are also focused on enabling our library staff teams to embrace the developments which are taking place, through ongoing communication and training in new services and technologies.

Spreading the word

The University Librarian attends regular meetings within the University to raise awareness of the Library Review in academic Schools and Divisions such as Finance, Development and Alumni Relations and Estates. These interactions are viewed as key to ensuring that the plans of the Library Review are allied to the University's overall Estates and fundraising strategies for the future.

Staff development

A dedicated working group within the University Library Service is addressing issues around staff development and engagement, ensuring that clear career pathways through the structure are defined and that staff are well prepared for possible future changes in their roles as library services are enhanced.

To enable library staff to fully embrace the changes taking place at Cardiff for the 21st century, and to ensure our users get the most from new services, a wide-ranging in-house development programme is being offered to all library staff. This includes the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), training in new technologies and presentation and public speaking skills.

Expertise in teaching

An Information Services training session

Around 40 Information Services staff are now participating in Peer Review of Learning and Teaching (PRLT), a University-wide initiative also undertaken by academic Schools. This encourages library staff and others with teaching roles to regularly review and develop their expertise in this area. The aim is to ensure that users of library services have access to high quality training to enable them to exploit the wide range of resources available to them through the University libraries.

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