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World War One collections (20th C.)

A range of archival, printed, and microfilm materials from World War One, from across the Library’s special, historical, and other related collections. A detailed guide for research resources for the First World War era is available.

The Library holds around 3,000 publications from the war period between 1914-18, of which about a quarter relate to the war itself. As well as tracts on the war’s effects, there are also encyclopedias chronicling the war’s battles, newspapers covering the 1914-18 period, and journals with articles following the war’s development. Other published sources include documents relating to the period leading up to the Great War, such as British Documents on the Origin of the War 1898-1914.

Amongst the archives are soldiers’ letters, press cuttings from London and Sheffield newspapers, photographs, and other unique documents. The huge Edward Thomas archive covers the war period broadly.

Within the microfilm collections are official reports and documents from organisations for the whole war period, and afterwards, up to the establishment of the League of Nations.

Date range: 1914-1920

Size: c. 1,000 volumes, several thousand manuscripts.

Languages: English, Welsh

Keywords: World War One, Great War,

Notes:  Access to digitised First World War collections from across Wales is available at: Cymru 1914: The Welsh Experience of WWI