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Prints and illustrations (Welsh, 17th-19th C.)

The Salisbury Library foundation collection of Cardiff University Library, acquired in 1886 from the collector Enoch Salisbury, contained sets of volumes created by Salisbury, of prints, engravings, and illustrations relating to scenes, buildings, and people from around Wales; one volume for each of the old 13 counties. Some manuscript drawings and watercolours are also included.

Date range: 17th-19th century

Significance: Significant in Wales

Strengths: Topographical prints.

Size: c. 2,000 prints

Languages:  Welsh, English.

Keywords: Illustrations, prints, engravings, architecture, Wales, Britain, Europe.

Notes: Substantial sets of other illustrated collections are held in the Library’s printed and published sources, such as the Illustrated London News, Lady’s Pictorial, Magazine of Art, etc, all containing thousands of illustrations; while the microfiche Marburger Index contains 1.5 million photographs of black and white images of art and architecture from around central Europe, supplemented by a Library modern colour slides collection of 8,000 images, of architecture from across Europe. See our guide to illustrated sources in Special Collections for more information.