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Welsh Emigration Bibliography - Other Countries - Journals

Other: Australia, New Zealand, India, Egypt, Nigeria, Mexico, Tahiti, Sierra Leone, Guyana, Palestine, Russia, South Africa, China, West Indies

Journal articles

Baylis, M. J., ‘The Makeigs of Cardigan Parkypratt and Sydney, New South Wales’ Ceredigion, 9:2 1980-83, 174-60

Colyer, Richard John (ed.), ‘Land of mud and mosquitoes: the Reverend John Hughes in British Guiana, 1847’ National Library of Wales Journal, 20:4 1977-78, 313-28

Conway, Alan Arthur ‘A Welshman in Russia’ National Library of Wales Journal, 9:3 1955-56, 301-06

Conway, Alan Arthur, ‘Early days in South America’ National Library of Wales Journal, 11:3 1959-60, 255-65

Gibbs, Michael, ‘Don Santiago Jorge Bynon (1797-1883)’ Gower, 32 1981, 26-36

Jones, D. E. Lloyd, ‘David Edward Evans: a Welshman in India’ Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1967:1, 132-41

Jones, Emyr Gwnne, ‘Annibynwyr Cymraeg Australia’ Y Cofiadur, 26 1956, 3-40

Knight, Samuel, ‘John Hughes and Yuzovka’ Planet, 21 1974, 35-41

Knight, Stephen, ‘The swagman from Tredefel’ Planet, 61 1987, 72-76

Lloyd, David Myrddin, ‘An Australian literary pioneer from Dolgellau’ Journal of the Welsh Bibliographic Society, 6:6 1943-49, 309-11

Martyn, Margaret, ‘John Evans – East India chaplain: a seventeenth century missionary in Bengal and Madras who privately traded with ‘interlopers’’ History Today, 26:10 1976, 670-77

Moon, Kenneth and Elaine Moon, ‘The Frances Purcell manuscript: a Welsh childhood in New South Wales 1870’ National Library of Wales, 22:1 1981-82, 92-102

Owain-Jones, W. R., ‘The contribution of Welshmen to the administration of India’ Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1970:2, 250-62

Roberts, R. Fred, ‘Welsh settlement at Moora, Western Australia’ Abergele Field Club & Historical Society Review, 19 2000, 9-14.

Rowlands, D. G., ‘John Rowlands and 'Little Wales' (Australia)’. Glamorgan Family History Society Journal, 42 June 1996, 32-34.

Taylor, Clare, ‘Aspects of planter society in the British West Indies before emancipation’ National Library of Wales Journal, 20:4 1977-78, 361-72

Taylor, Clare, ‘Edward Williams (Iolo Morganwg) and his brothers: a Jamaican inheritance’ Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1980, 35-43

Taylor, Clare, ‘The perils of a West Indian heiress: case studies of the heiresses of Nathanial Phillips of Slebech’ Welsh History Review, 12:4 1984-85, 495-513

Thorne, Roland C., ‘Thomas Phillips of Milford: emigrant extraordinary’ National Library of Wales Journal, 20:1 1977-78, 1-13

Walker, Lesley, “For Wales see England' syndrome: locating Welsh immigrants in colonial records 1870-1979’ Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, 81:2 1995, 185-193. ASSL PHOTO

Walker, Lesley, ‘'Two jobs for every man': the emigration decision from Wales to New South Wales, 1850-1900’ Australian Studies, 13:2 1998, 99-118. ASSL PHOTO

Williams, David, ‘Welsh Settlers in Russia’ National Library of Wales Journal, 3:1 and 3:2 1944, 55-58

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Journal titles


Enfys (Yr)

    ASSL: 1948, 1972, 1977-

Seren y dwyrain

    ASSL: 1943-1945, special nos. 1963, 1965