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Welsh Emigration Bibliography: America - Books

Bibliographies and directories

Barton, Marcella Biro, (ed) Catalogue of books: the Welsh-American Heritage Museum, Oak hill, Ohio (Oak Hill, Ohio]: s.n.; 1997.) [On cover: The Welsh-American Heritage Museum...located in former Welsh Congregational Church. Photographs and paintings, industrial artifacts, Welsh research library, genealogical sources, crafts, displays of Welsh life and culture] Folio WG40.W

Barton, Marcella Biro (ed.) Welsh-Americans: the manuscript collection: the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (Lanham: University Press of America, 2000) WG40.W

Blackwell, Henry, A bibliography of Welsh Americana (Aberystwyth: National Library of Wales, 1977) WG40.B

Davies, Alun Eirug, Traethodau ymchwil Cymraeg a Chymreig a dderbyniwyd gan brifysgolion Prydeinig, Americanaidd ac Almaenaidd, 1887-1971: Welsh language and Welsh dissertations accepted by British, American and German universities, 1887-1971 (Caerdydd: Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru, 1973) WG40.D

Hartmann, Edward George, A classified bibliography of Welsh Americana (Trucksville, Pa: National Welsh-American Foundation, 1993) WG40.H

Holt, Constance Wall, Welsh women: an annotated bibliography of women in Wales and women of Welsh descent in America (Metuchuen, N.J: Scarecrow Press, 1993) WG42.H

Jones, Phillip Henry, A bibliography of the history of Wales (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1989) WG40.U

Nassar, Eugene Paul, Welsh imprints of Central New York (Utica: Ethnic Heritage Studies Center, Utica College of Syracuse University, 1998) WG40.N

Taylor, Clare (ed.) Wales and America: American material from the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth (Wakefield, [West] Yorkshire: Microform Ltd. 1984) WG40.W

[Printed guide listing contents of the microfilmed collection held at ASSL Information Desk: Humanities microfilm 71]

Weaver, Jack W., and Deegee Lester, Immigrants from Great Britain and Ireland: A guide to archival and manuscript sources in North America (Westport, Connecticut, Greenwood Press, 1986)

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Histories of emigration

Ashton, Elwyn T., The Welsh in the United States (Hove: Caldra House, 1984) WG4.6.A

Bennett, Carol, In search of the red dragon: the Welsh in Canada (Renfrew, Ont.: Juniper Books, c1985) WG4.6.B

Chamberlain, M. E., (ed.,) The Welsh in Canada. (Swansea, Wales: University of Wales Canadian Studies Group, 2000) WG4.6.W

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Cymru a’I Phobl, [A collection of articles by Alexander Jones, J. Morris Jones, J.E. Lloyd, O.M. Edwards, and others. Issued to subscribers of the periodical ’Y Drych’.] (Utica, N.Y. : Swyddfa’r Drych, 1894) WG30(1894)

Davies, Eirug, Gwladychu’r Cymry yn yr ’American West’: ynghyd â rhai o’r datblygiadau rhagarweiniol i Batagonia (Llanrwst: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2003) WG4.6.D

Deian R. Hopkin and Gregory S. Kealey, eds., Class, community and the Labour movement: Wales and Canada, 1850-1930 ([S.l.]: Llafur/CCLH, 1989.) ASSL SL WG8.C

Dodd, A. H, The character of early Welsh emigration to the United States (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1953) ASSL SL WG4.6.D

Edwards, E., William Penn, Welshmen as factors. Prize essay at the International Eisteddfod: Colombia exposition, Chicago 1893. Cover title: Welshmen as factors in the formation and development of the U.S. Republic. (New York : Griffiths, 1899) WG4.6.P

Evans, Meredydd, Canu Jim Cro: caneuon Americanaidd yng Nghymru, ([S.l.]: Cymdeithas Alawon Gwerin Cymru, 1990) WG14.E

Greenslade, David, Welsh fever: Welsh activities in the United States and Canada today (Cowbridge: D. Brown, 1986) WG4.6.G

Hansen, Marcus Lee, The Atlantic migration 1607-1860: A history of the continuing settlement of the United States (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1940) ASSL JV6451.H2

Hartmann, Edward George, Cymry yn y Cwm; the Welsh of Wilkes-Barre and the Wyoming Valley (Wilkes-Barre, Pa.: St. David’s Society of Wyoming Valley, 1985) WG4.6.H

Jones, J. William, Hyfforddwr yr ymfudwr, yn cynnwys crynodeb o hanes taleithiau unedig America... (Dinbych : Gee, 1866) WG4.6.J

Jones, R. Lewis, Cerdded y lein (Porthmadog: Gwasg Tŷ ar y Graig, 1970) WG6.3.J

Mai, Ioan, O Graig yr Eifl i America (Llanrwst: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2000) WG4.6.M

Quinn, David Beers, ‘Wales and the West’ In, Welsh society and nationhood: historical essays presented to Glanmor Williams. Ed. A. A. Davies et al. (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1984 pp. 90-107 ASSL SL WG4.W

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Williams, David, Cymru ac America: Wales and America (Caerdydd: Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru, 1946) WG4.6.W

Williams, Glanmor, A prospect of paradise? (Cardiff: B.B.C. Wales, 1976) WG4.6.W

Williams, Gwyn, The search for Beulah land: The Welsh and the Atlantic revolution (London: Cross Helm, 1980) WG4.6.W

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‘Pre-Columbian’ Welsh voyages

British remains : or, A collection of antiquities relating to the Britons ; comprehending, I. A concise history of the lords marchers ... : II. The arms of the ancient mobility and gentry of North-Wales : III. A letter of Dr. Lloyd, bishop of St. Asaph's concerning Jeffrey of Monmouth's History : IV. An account of the discovery of America, by the Welsh, more than 300 years before the voyage of Columbus : V. A celebrated poem of Taliesin [in Welsh], translated into Saphhic verse : the whole selected from original mss. and other authentic records: to which are also added, Memoirs of Edward Llwyd, antiquary, transcribed from a manuscript in the museum, Oxford, by the Rev. N. Owen (London : Printed for J. Bew..., 1777) WG30(1777)

Broome, Rodney, Amerike: the Briton who gave America its name (Stroud: Sutton, 2002) WG4.6.B

Burder, George, The Welch Indians: or, A collection of papers, respecting a people whose ancestors emigrated from Wales to America, in the year 1170, with Prince Madoc, (three hundred years before the first voyage of Columbus), and who are said now to inhabit a beautiful country on the west side of the Mississippi (London: Printed for T. Chapman..., 1797) WG30(1797)

Campbell, Eliza Constantia, The history of Wales: containing some interesting facts concerning the existence of a Welsh tribe among the aborigines of America: arranged as a catechism for young persons (Shrewsbury: Printed by J. Eddowes, 1833) WG4.C

Dane, Joan, Prince Madog, discoverer of America: a legendary story (Boston, Mass: Everett Publishing Co, between 1901 and 1916) WG16.9.D

De Costa, Benjamin Franklin, Myvyrian archaiology: the pre-Columbian voyages of the Welsh to America (Albany: Munsell, 1891) WG4.6.D

Deacon, Richard, Madoc and the discovery of America; Some light on an old controversy (London: Muller, 1967) WG4.6.M

Jones, E.D. (Evan David),  The reputed discovery of America by Madoc ab Owain Gwynedd. Offprint from: National Library of Wales Journal, vol.14, 1966 ([s.l. : s.n., 1966]) WG4.6.J

Marshall, Augusta Eliza, A Prince of Wales long ago : a bardic legend of the twelfth century (London : Whittaker; Chester : Prichard, Roberts, 1855) WG16.9.M

Olson, Dana, The legend of Prince Madoc, discoverer of America in 1170 A.D. and the history of the Welsh colonists, also known as the white Indians, or the moon-eyed people. WG4.6.O

Pryce, J. Malcolm, With Madog to the New World (Talybont : Y Lolfa, 2005) WG16.9.P

Stephens, Thomas, Madoc: an essay on the discovery of America by Madoc ap Owen Gwynedd in the twelfth century (London and New York: Longmans, Green and Co, 1893) WG4.S

Williams, David, John Evans a chwedl Madog 1770-1799: John Evans and the legend of Madoc (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1963) WG4.6.E

Williams, Gwyn A., Madoc, Masci, Merthyr Tydfil : the Madoc legend and the first Welsh radicalism ([Cardiff] : [the author], [n.d.]) Folio WG4.6.W

Williams, Gwyn A., Madoc: the making of a myth (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987) WG4.6.M

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Biographies of Welsh emigrants

Ap Rhys, Jennie, Cilfynydd to Ohio: adventures of a Glamorgan girl (Cowbridge: Rhys Publishing, 2001) WG4.6.A

Brinnin, John Malcolm, Dylan Thomas in America (London : Prion, 2000) WG16.9.T

Davies, Edward, Cofiant y diweddar Barch. Morris Roberts, Remsen, N.Y (Utica: T. J. Griffiths, 1879) WG5.3.R

Davies, R. Gwynn, John Evans, Waunfawr : Mapiwr y Missouri ([Waunfawr] : Antur Waunfawr, 1999) WG4.6.E

Davies, William D., Llwybrau bywyd: neu, Haner can’ mlynedd o oes William D. Davies ... (Utica, N.Y.: T.J. Griffiths, argraffydd ..., 1889) WG4.6.D

Delafield, Julia, Biographies of Francis Lewis and Morgan Lewis (New York: Randolph, 1877) WG4.6.D

Elton, Romeo, Life of Roger Williams : the earliest legislator and true champion for a full and absolute liberty of coinscience (London : A. Cockshaw New York : G. Putnam, [1852]) WG4.6.W

Evans, J. J., Morgan John Rhys a’i Amserau (Cardiff: Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru, 1935) WG16.61.R

Gadewch i Paul Robeson ganu! : dathlu bywyd Paul Robeson a thrafod ei berthynas aÌ‚ Chymru =  Let Paul Robeson sing! : a celebration of the life of Paul Robeson and his relationship with Wales ([S.l.] : The Paul Robeson Cymru Committee : Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, 2003) WG9.G

Gammel, William, Life of Roger Williams, the founder of the state of Rhode Island (Boston: Gouls and Lincoln, 1854) WG4.6.W

Griffith, John T., Brief biographical sketches of deceased Welsh Baptist ministers who have laboured in northeastern Pennsylvania from 1832 to 1904 (Edwardsville, Pa.: J.T. Griffith, 1904) WG5.3.G

Hartmann, Edward George, Americans from Wales (New York: Octagon Books, 1983) WG4.6.H

Jones, Anna May, Ellis Emmanuel Jones' Original Welsh Clippings : Supplement to the book Ellis Emmanuel Jones and Ellen Jane Evans (New York : Anna May Jones, 1970) Folio WG4.6.J

Knowles, James D., Memoir of Roger Williams, the Founder of the State of Rhode Island (Boston: Lincoln, Edmands, 1834) WG20.W

Morgan, John, No gangster more bold : Murray Humphreys, the Welsh political genius who corrupted America (London : Hodder and Stoughton, c1985) WG4.6.H

Price, Edwin, Extracts from the papers of Edwin Price, late of Neath Abbey, Glamorganshire (Philadelphia: B. & T. Kite, 1820) WG37(1820)

Shepperson, Wilbur Stanley, Samuel Roberts, a Welsh colonizer in civil war Tennessee (Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1961) WG4.6.S

Taylor, Clare, Samuel Roberts and his circle: migration from Llanbrynmair, Montgomeryshire, to America, 1790-1890 (Aberystwyth: s.n, pref. 1974) WG4.6.S

Thomas, D. O., Richard Price and America [1723-91] (Aberystwyth: The author, 1975) WG2.P

Thomas, Islyn, Our Welsh heritage (Trucksville, PA: The National Welsh-American Foundation, [1992?]) WG4.6.T

Thomas, R. D., Hanes Cymry America : a’u sefydliadau, eu heglwysi, a’u gweinidogion, eu cerddorion, eu beirdd a’u llenorion : yn nghyda thiroedd rhad y Llywodraeth a’r reilfyrdd, gyda phob cyfarwyddiadau rheidiol i ymfudwyr i sicrhau cartrefi rhad a dedwyddol (Utica, N.Y : T.J. Griffiths, 1872) WG4.6.T

Thomas, R. D., Hanes Cymry America: A history of the Welsh in America, trans. Phillips G. Davies (Lanham: University Press of America: 1983) WG4.6.T

Waite, Anna Linelle Shrock Waite, Welsh connections: personal stories of Welsh immigrants and their families in America (Los Angeles, Ca.: Harlan R. Waite and Anna S. Waite, 2002) Folio WG4.6.W

Williams, Peter N., David Thomas: iron man from Wales; the story of an immigrant and of the country he left behind (Trucksville, Pa.: National Welsh-American Foundation, 1995) WG4.6.T

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Descriptions of travel and emigration experience

British Temperance Emigration Society, Desgrifiad o diriogaeth Wisconsin: a rhai o’r taleithiau a’r tiriogaethau agosaf iddi, yn mharthau gorllewinol Unol Daleithiau America / a gyhoeddwyd gan gyfeisteddwyr y Gymdeithas Ymfudol Gymhedrol Frytanaidd; wedi ei gyfieithu o’r ail-argraffiad Saesonig gan David Lloyd... (Bangor: Argraffwyd dros y cyhoeddwyr gan Robert Jones; a gyhoeddwyd trwy ganiatad y cyfeisteddwyr gan Robert Jones ac Eleazer Jones, Bethesda, 1845) WG4.6.L

Can newydd a gyfansoddwyd pan ar fordaith i America; Valentine 'rhen ferch... ([s.l.] : [s.n.], [n.d.]) WG35.2.6858

Chidlaw, B. W, Yr American: yr hwn sydd yn cynnwys nodau ar daith o Ddyffryn Ohio i Gymru, golwg ar Dalaeth Ohio, hanes y sefydliadau Cymreig yn America, cyfarwyddiadau i ymofynwyr cyn y daith, ar y daith, ac yn y wlad (Llanfair: argraffwyd, dros yr awdwr, gan E. Davies, 1839) WG37(1839)

Conway, Alan ed., The Welsh in America: letters from the immigrants (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1961) WG4.6.C

Cymro yn America yn hiraethau am Gymru : Cân a ddanfonowyd mewn llythyr at ei dad a'i fam, gyda dymuniad i'w chanu drwy Gymru ; Tôn - Morgan bach a'i fam; Mi welais eneth fechan dlos, tôn - Y gwenith gwyn (Troedyrhiw : W. Jones, pr., [n.d.]) WG35.2.4289

Davies, Llywelyn, Hanes mor-daith y Brig Albion, Aberteifi, (Llywelyn Davies, Llywydd) gydâ Mûdolion (Emigrants,) &c. o Gaernarfon i Ogledd America: ynghyd â rhai ymddiddanion ar y daith, ac ychydig gasgliad o hanes am y wlad (Caernarfon: argraphwyd gan Peter Evans, 1820)] WG16.71.D

Deio bach, neu hiraeth mam ar ol ei mab aeth i'r America (Llanrwst : John Jones, pr, [18- ?]) WG35.2.3067(Sal)

Evans, David, Letters from America, [by] Captain David Evans of Talsarnau, 1817-1895; edited by Aled Eames, Lewis Lloyd, Bryn Parry ([Caernarfon] : Gwynedd Archives Service, 1975) WG4.6.E

Evans, John H., Y ddau tu i'r ddalen am America, neu, Gyfarwyddiadau i ymfudwyr / gan y Parch.  John H. Evans, gynt o Lanrhaiadr-yn-Mochnant (Llanfyllin : Argraffwyd gan John Davies Jones, 1844) WG37(1845)

Griffith, John, A journal of the life, travels and labours in the work of the ministry of John Griffiths (London: James Phillips, 1779) WG30(1779)

James, H. E. H., Visit of British teachers to America 1906-7, under the auspices of Alfred Mosely...: report of H.E.H. James...on his tour in Canada and the United States of America (Haverfordwest : William Lewis & Sons, Printers [1907]) WG12.J

Jones, Edward, of Cincinatti, Y teithiwr Americanaidd: neu gyfarwyddyd i symudwyr o Gymru i’r America: yn cynnwys enwau y lleoedd, dysgrifiad o wyneb y ddaiar, hinsawdd, cynnyrch, anifeiliaid, adeiladau, cyfleusderau, cyflogau, crefydd, &c. &c. yn y taleithiau lle y preswylia y Cymry; hefyd, hyd y teithiau i’r gwahanol leoedd, a chyfarwyddiadau ar hyd-ddynt (Aberystwyth: Argraffwyd ac ar werth gan E. Williams, 1837) WG4.6.J

Jones, Evan R., The emigrants friend: containing information and advice for persons intending to emigrate to the United States (London: Tyne Publishing Company Ltd., 1881)

Morgrugyn Tegai, Hiraeth bardd ar ol ei frawd a aeth i'r America : I'w ganu ar fesur "Trymder", gan] Morgrugun Tegai; Can i'r chwarelwyr, Ar y mesur Llef Caerwynt, [gan] Blin fab or Blaenau (Llanrwst : John Jones, arg., [n.d.]) WG35.2.3045

Pugh, William Richards, The shaftdiggers / as told to William Richards Pugh by Elizabeth R. Pugh and Gordon S. Pugh ([S.l.] : [S.n.], 1984) WG4.6.P

Roberts, Richard, Can newydd, penillion o hiraeth tadcu a mamgu ar ol eu hwyres, yr hon oedd wedi myned i America, [gan] Richard Roberts, gynt o Rhydyfelin; Penillion ar fy nhad sydd wrth y llyw, gyfieithedig gan y Parch. S. Roberts, Llanbrynmair (Caerfyrddin : Argraffwyd gan. M. Jones, [n.d.]) WG35.2.1526

Thomas, R. D and Iorthryn Gwynedd, America: or, Miscellaneous notes on the United States, useful for emigrants (Aberystwyth: s.n, 1973) WG6.3.T

White, Ellen Emerson, [Voyage on the great Titanic. Welsh.] Mordaith ar y Titanic : dyddiadur Margaret Ann Brady, 1912(Llandysul, Ceredigion : Gomer, 2002) WG16.81.R6.E4

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Geographically- or genealogically-specific studies

Beale, Ellen M., Genealogy of David Jones (Reading, Pa.: B. F. Owen, 1903) WG4.6.J

Boyer, Carl, Medieval Welsh ancestors of certain Americans: a comprehensive genealogy with biographical and historical background as well as critical commentary (Santa Clarita, Calif.: C. Boyer, 2004) WG3.B

Byrne, Patrick, The Welsh hills of Waukesha County : a photographic study of stewardship (Wales, Wisconsin : Celtic Ink, c1997) WG4.6.B

Cassens, Dessa T., John Hughes and my other Quaker ancestors: their pioneering efforts at Gwynedd, Oley/Exeter & Roaring Creek meetings and subsequent removal to Illinois, 1698 to 1998 (Baltimore, MD : Gateway Press, c 2001) WG3.C

Cymdeithas Hanes Teuluoedd Gwynedd Family History Society, Emigrants from Gwynedd, Wales to the United States of America, 1795-1932: a selected list (Penysarn: Cymdeithas Hanes Teuluoedd Gwynedd Family History Society, c1990) Folio WG4.6.E

Davies, Phillips G., The Welsh in Wisconsin (Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1982) ASSL SL WG4.6D

Evans, William, R., History of Welsh settlements in Jackson and Gallia Counties of Ohio (Columbus, Ohio: Chatham Communicators, 1988) Folio WG4.6E

Fagge, Roger, Power, culture, and conflict in the coalfields : West Virginia and South Wales, 1900-1922 (Manchester ; New York : Manchester University Press New York : Distributed exclusively in the USA and Canada by St. Martin's Press, 1996) WG8.F

Hughes, David, Welsh people of California, 1849-1906: an historical sketch awarded the prize at San Francisco Eisteddfod, January 1, 1923 (San Francisco, Ca.: R. & E. Research Associates, 1969) WG4.6.H

Hughes, Thomas E., Hanes Cymry Minnesota, Foreston a Lime Springs, Ia. (Mankato: Free Press, 1895) WG4.6.H

Iowa Welsh Society, The Welsh way: oral history of the Long Creek Welsh community in Iowa ([S.l.]: Iowa Welsh Society, c1995) Folio WG4.6.W

Jones, Anna May, Ellis Emmanuel Jones and Ellen Jane Evans; their ancestors and descendants (New York, 1970) Folio WG4.6.J

Jones, Bill, Wales in America: Scranton and the Welsh, 1860-1920 (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1993) WG4.6.J

Jones, Ivor Wynne, America’s Welsh slatemen: for American visitors to Llechwedd Slate Caverns (Blaenau Ffestiniog: Llechwedd Slate Caverns, 1996) WG4.6.J

Knowles, Anne Kelly, Calvinists incorporated: Welsh immigrants on Ohio’s industrial frontier (Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1997) WG4.6 K

Landmark. 40/2, Summer 1997, Special issue devoted to the Welsh in Waukesha County (Waukesha : Waukesha County Historical Society, 1997) WG4.6.L

Mai, Ioan, O Graig yr Eifl i America (Llanrwst : Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2000) WG4.6.M

Porter, Edward T., The Olivers of Cardiganshire, 1778-1993: their descendants in Wales, England and North America and some of their related Welsh families (S.L.: E.T. Porter, c1993) Folio WG4.35.P

Roberts, Elizabeth Grace (ed.), Anglesey family letters 1840-1935 (Liverpool: H. E. G. Roberts, 1976 WG4.3.R

Roberts, Gwilym R., New lives in the valley : slate quarries and quarry villages in North Wales, New York, and Vermont, 1850-1920 (Somersworth, N.H : New Hampshire Printers, c1998) WG4.6.R

Rogers, Evan Benjamin, A Rogers family chronicle: emigration from Wales, settlement in Canada, dispersal (Charlottetown: Rogers Hardware Co., c1991) Folio WG4.6.R

Shandon : descendent of Ohio's first Welsh settlement, 1801 [Folder containing 6 single sheets showing illustrations of historic buildings with notes, and  1 page of  text on history of the settlement] WG4.6.S

Van Vugt, William, British Buckeyes: the English, Scots, and Welsh in Ohio, 1700-1900 (Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Press, c2006) ON ORDER

Vaughan, James E., Vaughans in Wales & America: a search for the Welsh ancestors of William Vaughan (1750-1840) (Salem, Mass.: Higginson Book Company, 1990) Folio WG4.6.V

Williams, Edward Roland, ‘Cambriol: a forgotten colony’ In, Some studies of Elizabethan Wales (Newtown: Welsh Outlook Press, 1924) pp. 154-63

Williams, Stephen Riggs, The saga of the Paddy’s Run (Oxford, Ohio: [S.n.], 1945) WG4.6.W

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Welsh involvement in foreign wars

Hunter, Jerry, Llwch cenhedloedd: y Cymry a rhyfel cartref America. (Llanrwst: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2003) WG4.2.H

Jones, Alexander, The Cymry of ’76, or, Welshmen and their descendants of the American Revolution: an address with an appendix containing notes, sketches and nomenclature of the Cymbri (New York : Sheldon, Lamport & Co., 1855) WG4.6.J

Taylor, Clare (ed.,) Wales and the American Civil War (Aberystwyth: s.n, pref. 1972) Documents selected and translated from the National Library of Wales’ collection of American Civil War material, including letters from Welshmen involved in the Civil War. WG4.6.T

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Welsh religious influence

Baptist musical treasure : a baptist Welsh and English hymn and tune book =Cor-drysor y Bedyddwyr ; sef emynau yn Cymraeg a Saesneg...detholedig a chynhoeddedig gan nifer o weinidogion...yn America (Utica, N.Y. : T.J. Griffiths, pr., 1887) Hymnology 1010

Bowen, Geraint, Ar drywydd y Mormoniaid : golwg ar hanes y Mormoniaid Cymreig 1840-80 (Llandysul : Gwasg Gomer, 1999) WG4.6.B

Breece, Evan, Can newydd, yn gosod allan ymdaith y saint i Galifornia yn nghyd a'u dymuniad am ddychwelyd yn ol i wlad eu genedigaeth sef Cymru, gan Ieuan Cadfan, Ar y dôn - Railway speed. (Caerfyrddin: J.T. Jones, arg., between 1840 and 1852) WG35.2.1492

Can newydd, yn rhoi bras ddarluniad o ymdaith y saint i Galifornia : neu wlad yr addewid, ynghyd ag ychydig ddesgrifiad o'u hynfyd rwydd a'u ffolindeb (Caerfyrddin : J.T. Jones, arg., [between 1840 and 1852]) WG35.2.1499

Cwdyn y saint : sef can ddigrif yn gosod allan cynwysiad ei gwd pan yn gadael Tregaron am Salt-Lake America; Siaradwch Gymraeg (Llanbedr : J. Davis, arg., [n.d.]) WG35.2.2509

Davies, Hywel, Transatlantic brethren: Rev. Samuel Jones (1735-1814) and his friends; Baptists in Wales, Pennsylvania, and beyond (Bethlehem: Lehigh University Press, c1995) WG5.2.D

Davies, J. P., Traethodau ar amrywiol o bynciau athrawiaethol y grefydd Gristionogol: ynghyd a nodiadau ar ddyscyblaeth eglwysig (Pottsville, Pa.: Argraffwyd yn Swyddfa y Seren Orllewinol, gan B. Bannan, 1846) WG5.3.D

Davies, Samuel, Sermons / by the Rev. Samuel Davies A.M., President of the College of New Jersey ;  with a funeral sermon by the Rev. Samuel Finley, D.D., his successor in that office ; and some account of President Davies, by the Rev. Thomas Gibbons, D.D., of London,  and the Rev. David Bostwick, M.A., of New York ; Containing also an introductory memoir of President Davies, by the Rev. William B. Sprague, D.D. ; in three volumes (Pittsburgh, PA (Suite 2311, The Clark Building, 717 Liberty Avenue) : Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 1993-1995) WG5.4.D

Dennis, Ronald D, The call of Zion: the story of the first Welsh Mormon emigration (Provo, Utah: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 1987) WG4.6.D

Dennis, Ronald D., Welsh Mormon writings from 1844 to 1862 : a historical bibliography (Provo, Utah : Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 1988) WG5.2.D

Evans, John, of Islington, Memoirs of the life and writings of the Rev. William Richards, LL.D : who died at Lynn, September 13, 1819 [i.e. 1818] in the sixty-ninth year of his  age : with some account of the Rev. Roger Williams, founder of the state of  Rhode Island, as well as the first assertor of complete religious liberty in the United States of America (Chiswick : Printed by  Charles Whittingham ... [&c], 1819) WG16.61.R

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Welsh language abroad

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Welsh, Irish, Saxon and American languages (London : J. Millan, 1744) WG30(1744)

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Welsh culture: myth, music and art

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Welsh festivals abroad

Adroddiadur Americanaidd, (Yr): sef detholiad o’r casgliadau o ddarnau adroddiadau at wasanaeth cyfarfodydd llenyddol Buddygol yn Eisteddfod Hyde Park, 1864. (Scranton: Swyddfa ager-argraphyddol y Republican, [c.1865] WG16.7.A

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Eisteddfod (Yr): yn cynwys programmme Eisteddfod Utica, dydd Calan 1878 WG17.1.U

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Welsh Festival sponsored by the Ontario Gymanfa Ganu Association: A collection of programmes from 1975-90, general classmark: WG14.62.O6

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Literature by or concerning Welsh emigrants

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“Ffair y Byd”, gallery of Welsh and Welsh-American poets, Eisteddfod 1893. Folio framed photograph.

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