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USA international relations (18th-20th C.)

A range of published print and archival sources covering the international relations of the USA from the 19th-20th century. Included are: Diplomatic Instructions of the Dept of State 1801-1906; USA Diplomatic Correspondence 1831-1860; Despatches from the USA to Japan 1855-1906; USA Diplomatic Papers 1939-1945; and USA Foreign Office files 1964-1968.

Other series include Naval Intelligence Geographical Handbooks (Store); Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and for Economic and Social History (Store), and the Chronicles of America series (Store).

These are supplemented for wider international coverage by the Documents on International Affairs 1928-1963, and the Survey of International Affairs series, plus Keesings Contemporary Archive/Record 1931-2002, and the Annual Register of World Events 1758-1945.

Date range:  1758-2002

Size: Over a hundred microfilm reels, tens of thousands of documents.

Language:  English

Keywords:  United States of America, politics, diplomacy, international relations.