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UCAC Welsh language teachers' union (20th C.)

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UCAC was the first trade union established in Wales in order to serve the needs of Welsh language teachers, which would further the aims of the union in the world of Welsh medium teaching in Wales. Documents relate to the annual conference, the National Executive, the geographical branches, and the sections (treasurer, legal, publications, colleges, languages panel, assistance, sick fund, fighting fund, audio visual, and Headteachers’ Association).

Date range: 1937-1993

Strengths: The archive represents a valuable resource for studying the Welsh language and culture in the 20th century, and UCAC had a role in the campaign to win legal status for the Welsh language. The union’s pioneering role as a national body for Wales means the archive is an important source for its political development in this period, and reflects obvious developments such as the growth of nationalism, establishing the Welsh Office and the post of Secretary of State for Wales, and the great changes that came in the wake of local government re-organisation. Education in Wales is the main subject of the union’s papers, from nursery schools to adult education.

Size: 117 boxes; 37.5 metres

Languages: Welsh; English

Keywords: Trade unions, Welsh language, Teaching, Education, Bilingualism, Nationalism.

Notes: Recent acquisitions are uncatalogued.