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British Trades Union Council archives (19th-20th C.)

Microfilmed documents from the Trades Union Congress archives. Includes the private Minute Books of the General Trade Council, the executive body of the TUC, in two parts. The first part (1921-1932) covers the post-World War One decade of world-wide economic depression, while part 2 (1932-1946) deals with the period of economic recovery, the build up to World War Two and the war years. Also available are pamphlets and leaflets of the TUC for the period 1887 to 1966. Together these collections form an invaluable source for the study of modern industrial relations, labour movements, and questions of political theory. Also held are the print volumes of the TUC Annual Reports for 1902-1989, with some gaps (in Store).

The Wales TUC, established in 1974, is represented by a print set of its Annual Reports for 1974-2006 in the Salisbury Library.

Date range: 1880s-1960s.

Size: Over 400 microfiche, plus several hundred printed volumes.

Language:  English

Keywords:  Trades Union Congress, history, economics, Britain, Wales

Notes: The original archives of the Cardiff Trades Union Council from the 1940s to 1988 are also held, plus the archives of the Welsh language teachers' union UCAC from the 1940s to the late 1990s. Further, a selection of trade union reports and newspapers are held for the 20th century, including the post office, engineering, and boilermakers' unions.

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