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Town planning / local / structure plans collection

A collection built up by the old Town Planning department in the University, of local and structure plans from across Britain, over the period 1970s-1990s, with some earlier 1940s/1950s plans for London. It covers all areas across Britain, rural and urban, with a representative coverage for England, Scotland and especially Wales. Earlier volumes are now valuable local historical sources for the mid to late 20th century.

Date range: 1940s-1990s

Significance: Significant in Wales and the United Kingdom

Strengths: Welsh local and structure plans, local history.

Size: 800 volumes.

Language: English

Keywords: Local plans, structure plans, local government, modern history, Britain.

Notes: A large percentage is now held in Store. A related set of materials, held in the Salisbury Library, consists of Local Acts of Wales, illustrating town planning process from the 1730s to the late 1800s. A database of Local Acts relating to Wales also exists, covering the period 1900-1999.