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Tillyard manuscripts (13th-14th C. and 18th C)

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The collection contains a Codex Peribleptos. (Byzantine Sticherarium: hymns for fixed and movable days from the 14th or 15th century), and a photofacsimile of a transcript of Codex Peribleptos. The work is in two volumes, in buckram slip cases, probably bound in the 18th century. The archive also contains an anthology of 18th century Russian Church music; an 18th century Russian musical manuscript containing hymns for the chief festivals, a leather-bound Greek service book and an 18th century Russian Church Hirmologium. Shelved with the Tillyard Manuscripts is a collection of offprints of articles on Byzantine church music by H. J. W. Tillyard and St. V. Lazarevic. 

Date range: 14th-18th century

Strengths: Features the earliest item in Special Collections and Archives, a manuscript pre-dating the invention of the printing press.

Size: 1 box, 0.5 metre

Languages: Latin, Russian, Greek, English

Keywords: Music, manuscript, hymns

Notes: An article entitled ‘Unknown Russian Music Manuscripts at Cardiff’, by Dimitrije Stefanovic in the journal, Beiträge zur Musik Geschichte Osteuropas, 1977 is available to be consulted.